La Bisbal

La Bisbal

The town of La Bisbal d'Emporda is located inside the Baix Empordà, which is capital. The city center retains the medieval structure of its streets can be seen in the oldest vestiges of the walls and the catle palace and other remarkable built in the eleventh century. La Bisbal d'Empordà is known for its ceramics, thanks to the quality of red argila found there, and the skill of its potters for centuries. This tradition in the ceramics industry is reflected in the architecture of La Bisbal d'Emporda. Throughout the entire population can find shops, potteries craft and Terracotta Museum.

The brand “Ceràmica de la Bisbal”.
 La Bisbal's pottery is well known and appreciated around the world as a quality product with a tradition. Today, La Bisbal is differentiated from other pottery producers by the fact that production is well diversified. All represented by the brand “Ceràmica de la Bisbal” a label to unify and recognize the ceramic products produced in La Bisbal and in the surrounding cities. Found "Ceràmica de la Bisbal" in the commercial area of L'Aigüeta and in the city center.

Terracotta Museum.
Pottery is a big part of la Bisbal and brings an unmistakable personality to the town, it is not a strange that la Bisbal's landscape is characterized by the tall slender industrial chimneys. Terracotta Museum represents, to the pottery industry in la Bisbal and the region of Girona, an emblem of first magnitude that represents tradition. In actuality, the facilities are undoubtedly the most active cultural site in town, and one of the most important pottery museums in the country.

Potters Association.
The local Potters Association "Ceramistes La Bisbal" is focused on fomenting, developing and creating opinion and diffusing pottery from Baix Empordà, as a way to give a purpose to the organisation: an association eager to find common goals to promote communal evolution.

 La Bisbal Town Hall, Terracotta Museum and potters La Bisbal, all together, with la Bisbal as a background and the intention that the town embraces the initiative and visitors are seduced by an entertaining experience that makes them feel engaged.